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办公楼宇标识牌翻译成正确的英文 使用翻译软件的请...

亲,你好,翻译如下,纯手打: No. 1 building, no. 2 building Fire stairs export Please do not paddle beware of electric shock Low area elevator The central elevator Through the elevator High area of the elevator High floor eleva...

1、成套生产区域标示牌: The reception area, conference room, qc group, wiring, one line, two line, testing equipment, production tools put area, to counter put electric room, terminal area, workshop, product storage area, stora...

Part and the party sent Office 1 Office 2 Economic division Hong Kong and Macao overseas liaison department Deputy investigator Office Vice Foreign Minister Office

Station Master Office VIP Customer Office Sales Manager Office Financial Cash Register Office Sales Department Station Service Department Customer Resting Area Ping'an Damage-decision Center Surfing Area Smoking Area Workshop O...

呆滞品区:Dull products area 待检验区: Waiting for inspection area 办公区: office area 工具存放区:Tools storage area 化学品仓库:Chemical warehouse 不合格品区:defect products area 合格品区:qualified products area 做大规模标识时...

Reception room chess Operating room Dressing room security Negotiation room Accounting office Conference room Deputy general manager room General manager room

“从此上下”: 中文是什么意思?"从此上下楼"? "Enter here (从此) for upstairs & downstairs"

WC NO Smoking NO Paking Do Picking No Passing Smoking Room Entrance No Litter No Entry


I want to make some signboards for equipment testing.

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