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BE unDEr sth

我的自行车在修理中。 sth. be under repair 是固定结构

后两个意思一样。 第一个这样用sb is in charge of sth. 第二个这样用sth is in one's charge. 第三个这样用:sth is in the charge of sb. 楼上有误,第一个是某人控制管理某物的意思。


do sth under one’s own steam 靠自己的力量做某事 双语对照 例句: 1. I live under my own steam, and nobody took me under his wing. 我自食其力地生活,没人保护过我。 2. Despite regular passenger-ferry crossings, a tunnel rail linkan...

给……施压 楼主记得采纳满意答案

我发现姑娘们正在树下跳舞。 I find the girls dancing under the tree. find sb doing sth:发现某人正在做某事 The teacher found Nancy reading English when he came in . A.read B.reading C.readed find sb do sth 无此表达。 find sb doi...

1.cause/make/set sb to do sth的区别。2.I wish you success中的you与success之间能加to be吗...5.under one‘s education是中文式英语,这与accept...

pressure someone to do something 对…施加压力 He will never pressure you to get married. 他永远也不会给你施加压力让你结婚。 under pressure或者feel pressed (指因做的事情困难,或者因为别人的期望或者自己的紧张)感到的 压力 有可能观众...

under the directon of sb/under one's direcion 在某人的指导下 be similar to 与...相似 can't afford to do sth没有能力做 in all ...


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